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About Me

Welcome to my little nook.

My special creative space where anything is possible and the visions are endless. You just never know what crazy ideas I'm going to come up with, or the places we will journey to make the vision happen.

I usually warn my clients to bare with me, as once we meet, WE have officially entered into Adventure's inWonderland!

My name should be Alice;) 

But Oh ... the excitement of what will unfold!


My son Cash is my world. You could say I realized my passion for Photography by making his face my canvas. And what a beautiful face!

I am often asked "What is my most favorite subject to shoot?"

My answer is simple.

Anything with depth. 

That could range from an innocent Newborn, to a special Family getting together to create a memory, to a Behind The Scenes shoot on a film set with an awesome storyline, to a couple making that promise to spend the rest of their lives together, to a Charity Event for a wonderful cause, or an Event to celebrate greatness of an achievement. 

I capture moments that turn into memories. 


I am Blessed and full of gratitude that I have been given this opportunity to be behind the lens and to capture these moments. 

It's simple...

I LOVE what I do.

xoxo JEnna

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Tel: 310.890.5999

Los Angeles, CA


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